Ftrans for Outlook

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Installation Instructions - Outlook Client 2013+


1.1 Open Outlook Client
Open the "Get Add-Ins" window: Open the Outlook client and click the "Get Add-Ins" button on the head of the Outlook client.
1.2 Open Microsoft Excel add-in window
Open "Add a special add-on from URL": In the "Get add-ons" window, click the "My add-ons" menu on the left, then click the "Add custom add-ons" link at the bottom, and select the "Add from URL" option .
1.3 InstallFtrans for Outlook
Enter the URL of the add-in manifest file to complete the installation: In the pop-up "Add a special add-in from URL" window, enter "" into the text box, and click the "OK" button to complete the installation.
1.4 Confirm successful installation
After the installation is successful, you can view the installed Ftrans for Outlook add-in in the "Custom Add-Ins" group of the "Get Add-Ins" window in the "My Add-Ins" view.


2.1 Open new mail window
Open the "New E-mail" window: Open the Outlook client, click the "New E-mail" button in the "Start" tab of the Outlook client, and the "New E-mail" window will pop up.
2.2 Open Ftrans for Outlook
Open "Ftrans for Outlook": In the "New E-mail" window, click the "Ftrans for Outlook" button in the "Mail" tab, and the "Ftrans for Outlook" sidebar will extend on the right side of the window.
2.3 Login Ftrans for Outlook
Log in to "Ftrans for Outlook": Enter the "Username" and "Password" in the "Ftrans for Outlook" sidebar and click the "Log in" button to enter the add attachment page of "Ftrans for Outlook".
2.4 Attach File
Upload attachments in "Ftrans for Outlook": Click the "Add File" button to add files to "Ftrans for Outlook".
2.5 Insert Attachment Link
Insert a large attachment link to the email content area: After the file upload is complete, click the "Insert Link" button to insert the attachment link into the email content area on the left.